About Montana Gun Classifieds

Montana Gun Classifieds Was Established in 2010. It is the original online locally owned and operated, firearms, ammunition and accessories marketplace just for Montana. Those who can legally buy, sell and trade guns, whether for sale by owner private guns or Montana gun dealers, all are encouraged to use this fast, free Montana local site. You can safely browse and post here securely, free of popups and browser intrusive non-local advertisements and clutter, where only Montana member registrations are approved.

The MontanaGunClassifieds.com domain was obtained by the founder of MontanaGuns.Org after multiple websites and media sources that once allowed guns for sale, began to change their policies to the contrary. Giving us nowhere to post online aside from overly expensive news media classifieds and complicated and expensive online gun auctions. Even many of our local news sources have since eliminated their firearms and ammunition categories as knee jerk reactions to events and anti-gun activists.

Firearms classifieds sites sprouted up all over the country. All of these are great sites and supported 100%, but Montana needed one of its own. Where local users could transact more easily without clutter, browser intrusive, non-local advertisements and popups. Thus the development of Montana Gun Classifieds.

For seven years we used the original script that worked very well for its time. Unfortunately it did not allow us the security and mobile friendly options of other systems. Especially when nearly 70% of visitors have since began to use mobile devices.

As of 2/26/17, an updated and upgraded site was born. To help with security related issues, all previous ads and user accounts were removed. One of the issues with the old system was the inability to monitor and moderate those who register at our site. This is why it was decided not to attempt importing old ads or accounts. As you may know, the old site did not have a system that would allow you to post immediately anymore. This was because I was unable to distinguish between good members and those who may try to harm us. This new system will allow us to do that.

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